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Things to Consider when
Building your Agriculture Project

Building a horse barn or any other Agriculture building involves an intricate planning process.
Is your dream horse barn a two-stable structure in your yard? Or is it a large barn for your hay or animals or toys?
Regardless of what it is there is a lot to consider before building.
To make the planning process less overwhelming, we break down what to consider before you start the process.
As a the customer you probably already know what your dream barn would have in it from a tack room near the cross-ties to electrical needs and even plumbing wanted in the out building. But have you thought about building codes, how to best handle water runoff, or keeping your barn cool in the summer heat?
That is where we come in with our years of experience to guild you through every step of the process start to finish.
Follow these steps to plan your ultimate Agriculture project and help us insure we cover all basis to get you exactly what you want.

Write down big picture thoughts.
Close your eyes and imagine what you want to see as you pull up to your project. Write down this visualization as if you were describing it to a friend. Be specific. 
Think in terms of “systems” and movement.
Something or someone is always moving on a horse farm. For this second planning stage, list all of the things that would be in motion on your farm.
This may seem like a bizarre step, but it will help you develop ideas for the exact features you need later. Here are some examples:
-Horses leaving and entering stalls
-Owners tacking up, tying up and riding horses
-Owners, vets, clients and guests entering and exiting the office, tack room, stalls, and how their vehicles move and park around the horse facility
-Workers pushing wheelbarrows and hauling muck buckets in and out of the barn
-Tractors hauling hay, plowing snow, scraping driveway
-Riders loading trailers for horse shows
-Garbage truck lifting dumpster
-Kids playing or biking in the barn area
-Owners making late-night checks on the barn
-Dogs running around

Consider how you might expand.
When planning any agriculture project, the key is to think expansively.
Sure, you may have two horses now or only need hay coverage for 100 bales of hay now, but what about in five years? Will you wish you had planned a larger space? Perhaps instead of adding it on later, we will know how to most cost-effectively way to build project to accommodate all of your current and future needs.

Deal with legal issues up-front.
Permits, environmental concerns, zoning… depending on where you live there may be a lot of red tape to wade through before you can build. This is probably the least fun part of the process. We handle these things on the front end to make sure we follow all local and state building laws.

Select the right site.
This step is more complicated than you think. However, Schrock understands “the lay of the land” quite literally. It includes considering:
-Drainage. Land that seems flat might actually not be flat, and only a trained eye can notice this. It could have a slant, which could affect drainage.
Also, if your land slopes towards your building site, you could deal with unwanted water woes for years.
-Weather. Take wind, weather and accessibility into account. For instance, will your vehicle be able to make it up that hill to your project if it is slick from rain or ice?
-Utilities. Do not forget about water availability, cell phone coverage and internet access. Address issues like power poles or underground utilities that could prevent any of these from functioning properly.
-Space. Recognize that staging areas (for construction) require more space than you may think.
Remember, the key here is to not fight nature, but to instead work with it. Schrock can help in selecting the right site. It is important not to overlook any important details, as this can cost you down the line.
Design has endless options

Pick the right size, shape and accessories.
Now for the fun part! This is the design stage. Time to pick stalls, doors and other fun extras for your dream project.
With endless options, we have design experts to help you with every selection.

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